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GKL's filing service includes submitting and monitoring your documents with the appropriate filing agency. GKL ensures proper representation of your firm or company when filing documents through personal hand delivery. Our Professional Team is ready to handle the complexities of multiple jurisdictions, special request and expedited filings. If problems arise and corrections become necessary, our highly trained team can fix your documents in-house at your direction allowing for resubmission and filing in a timely manner.

Our filing service encompasses a wide range of documents including:

  • Corporate / Limited Liability Company
    • Formation
    • Amendments
    • Statement of Information
    • Dissolution
  • Limited Partnership / General Partnership / Limited Liability Partnership
    • Formation
    • Amendments
    • Dissolution
  • Franchise Tax Board
    • Tax Clearance (CA)
    • Reviver Services
  • California Counties
    • Fictitious Name Filing & Publication
    • UCC / Abstract of Judgment filing
    • Bankruptcy Filings
    • Superior Court Filings
  • Nationwide Services Available